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(Fall 2017)
I was given the task of creating a conceptual Viceland television show about any subject I wanted as long as it aligned with the ethos of the network. When researching Viceland, I realized that they don't care about the same topics that a normal television station would care about. I also realized that they care about content that is created by those who fit into middle American society and is accessible to all. I decided to make a show about streetwear culture and how it has been influencing the world in the past couple year. How could a small company like Supreme be worth a billion dollars while a large retailer like Abercrombie & Fitch is only worth half of that? Why is the small handmade t-shirt company more popular than the big name brand t-shirts? This show aims to answer these questions and uncover how the small fashion designer is now the new big name in the industry. I was then tasked to create a trailer, advertising, and a couple pieces of merch that would be sold. 

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Minneapolis, MN.